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Site Information

Jordan Heights is a secluded Activity Centre & camp site in Reigate. Once a hillside garden for a member of the royal society and a World War Two army pigeon loft, it is now beautiful private camp site for the Scouts, Girl Guiding ,Schools , Youth Groups and The Duke of Edinburgh award. 

A Non-returnable deposit for all camps, day or evening visits, which includes Schools, Youth Groups & D of E bookings. You may be liable for loss or damage to the camp site and its equipment if caused by the Group or members. Your deposit may be used for this purpose. Please keep the gate at the bottom of the steps shut (but not locked) when you are using the site. Any lost keys will be charged £5 per key. Please respect our neighbours

and keep the noise to a minimum between 11pm and 7am.



Reigate Hill, Reigate, RH2 9LX

GPS Co-ordinates: 51.25231718821729, -0.2044517074832549


 You can easily get to the site from the M25 junction 8 and then the A217 down Reigate Hill. We operate a one way system with cars coming in from Underhill Park Road and departing via Reigate Hill as there are no passing places in the lane. 
Please turn off by the old Yew tree Pub Proceed down Beech Road turn right into Underhill Park Road Proceed up the track to join the track on the right Proceed along the lane on the right, the Camp site is on the left. Car Parking for three cars is available (1stt Car park) Two cars or van or mini bus (2nd Car park).The main entrance gate and the steps up to the site.
To leave the camp site continue along the track You will come out, just after the Pub (Yew Tree) and garage on Reigate Hill A217 

More additional parking is available - please turn off by the old Yew Tree Pub into Beech Road we have parking permits available for parking in this road..

The site lies a few minutes’ walk from the main bus route from Reigate to Sutton and Kingston. Also Reigate Railway station and Reigate Town Centre are within walking distance. Trains to London, the south coast and Guildford.

Activity Fees for Scouts and Girl Guiding

Activity fees for schools, youth groups and D of E



Team Members

Camping Nights 

  • Doreen's Lodge (With fire place, tables , benches small kitchen with kettle, hot plate and urn.

  • NEW 2024 (*)

  • Nerf Guns (*)

  • Hammocks and Tarps available for groups to use (12) Sets (*) 

  • Eco Friendly Toilets'

  • Two Washing Up Areas

  • Pizza Oven

  • Fire Shelter

  • Generators

  • Camp Site Badge available £2 when booking  

  • Warden: Spencer Mitchell

  • Joint Chair: Helen Starmer/Antony Simm  

  • Assistant Warden: Vacant

  • Committee   Derek Hammersley, Tori White & Matt Walsh

  • Andy Wyeth (Maintenance) 

  • Service Team :  Katie, Graham, Adam, Jason, John, Angela, Nicky, Adam, Joe, Scott, Amy, Mathew, Chris  Andrew  Ann, Clare, David Lucy Southy & Dennis

  • James Emeny /Jon Van Hoof          (Shooting instructor)

  • Angela Harris                                    (Booking Secretary) 

TOTAL NIGHTS CAMPED        6302     (Av per year 525)

2012 161   2013  343  2014  327  2015  507   2016 921 2017 580

2018  569  2019  1007  2020 0 (Covid 19)  2021 206 (Covid 19 )

2022 626  2023  648   2024  407 

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